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Talk to your visitor, make picture or video, and unlock the door with this practical combination:
LP818A Fingerprint lock + Silver Eye WiFi Intercom, or LP923A Code Lock + Silver Eye WiFi Intercom
pl960pm wifi
LP923 set

LP923 PIN code keypad door lock

NOTE: This wonderful code lock can be used in configuration with EasyRing V2 WiFi door phone! Unlock your door from anywhere, see your visitors, take pictures or videos and talk to them. Too busy to walk to the door to open it when someone rings? No, problem, just activate your LP923 lock using your smartphone!

The PIN Code keypad door lock LP923 is waterproof thanks to sliding cover. It can be installed outdoors in all weather conditions.

The lock is contemporary and elegantly designed with minimalist lines. 

The working temperature of this lock ranges from -20℃ to 40℃. Touch buttons are rubber back-lit keypad buttons.

The handle is designed for either the left or right side (universal turning direction). The lock fits EU style mortise and can be used with a lever-operated multipoint mortise system as well.

Only three AA batteries are required. When the power runs out, the lock itself sends out the low-power alarm to notice battery replacement.

This PIN code lock is great for home, like entry doors, garage door, utility room, home office, wine cellar, computer room, etc. It is easily operated and easily installed.

This PIN code lock enrolls 10 PIN code users with 1-10 digit PIN codes and 2 master PIN codes.

The factory default mode is the automatic locked mode (ALM), meaning the door is re-locked automatically in 6 seconds. There is also the temporary unlocked mode (TUM), meaning the door is unlocked until you restore automatic locking mode. When the lock is set to TUM mode, users just push down the outside handle to unlock with no need to enter any PIN code. That might put users’ property into an insecure situation.

Another feature is an Anti Malicious Operation. When this function is activated, any wrong PIN code access attempts on five consecutive occasions will stop the lock from working for three minutes. All key buttons on the outside keypad will cease to function. There is a re-lock button in the inside unit, press the re-lock button to lock the door from inside.

Non-volatile memory keeps PIN codes safe even if batteries expire.

For emergency use, the mechanical keys are used as an override. PIN-free cylinder makes this high-security key-way virtually bump-proof. Three keys are included and cannot be keyed alike. Non-standard, high-security dimple keys cannot be replaced. Please make sure you store the emergency keys conveniently.

Material: Zinc Alloy
Power Supply: Alkaline Batteries, 4.5V (DC1.5V AA x3)
Static Power: Consumption 10~20uA
Working Voltage: 2.7~5.5V
PIN Code Memory: 10 PIN Codes Capacity
LP923 set
LP923 3
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